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The Attacking Judo Techniques Of Combat

Judo is a very complex sport that originates from traditional Samurai Jujitsu, and due to its large elements, there are various techniques that a Judoka (Judo athlete) can use to take down their opponent. Judo athletes combine their style of attack with advanced skills to defeat an opponent. A simple search on Google leads to an incredible amount of information about Judo techniques. Of course, Judo is a multipart sport which means that there are different methods used for attack and defense, giving room for skill and style varying with each athlete. However, these athletes will still refer to the core and supplementary techniques and use them as a platform to build on their combat. 

Core Techniques

There are core Waza (techniques) that a Judo athlete simply must have in their arsenal. Just like the Core beliefs of Judo without these necessary skills, it is impossible for a Judoka to win a bout. The core techniques that are mastered by Judokas are mostly centered around Nage-waza (throwing techniques), Katame-waza (grappling techniques).

Katame-Waza (Grappling): 

Kamte-waza (grappling) techniques that include locks pins and chokes that are performed mostly on the ground. They are simple in theory but challenging to execute. Judo athletes indeed exhibit strong physical and mental capabilities.

Joint locks are used to put an opponent into submission. Targeting the joint locks of an opponent a Judoka can use his arms, legs or knees to put their opponent into a lock that causes pain and forces the opponent to submit and hands the Judoka the all-important win.


Figure 1: The judoka on the left (white) has her opponent (blue) in a very professional Joint lock.

The Judo pin is a technique used to immobilize an opponent. By pinning an opponent down the Judoka is limiting the range of movement. Pins serve the same purpose as joint locks, but the difference is pins are less painful to the opponent. 


Figure 2: The Judoka on top (Blue) has his opponent (white) pinned down.

A Judo choke is an offensive move used to put the opponent into submission. The strangulations are very effective because they cut off the oxygen supply to the brain and muscles. Judokas are very skilled athletes and know how to choke using various methods such as compressing the windpipe, the chest area, and lungs, or the carotid arteries on both sides of the neck. 


Figure 3: The Judoka in white has his opponent (blue) in a strong chokehold and holds the advantage.

Nage-waza (Throwing):

Nage-waza focuses on counter attacks and throwing techniques.

The Judo throw is used to unbalance an opponent, and if performed effectively, a throw can put an opponent on their backs and lead to the award of an Ippon point which is the highest score a Judoka can achieve. The throw is an adaptive technique and can be executed in various ways, for example, a Judoka can throw their opponent over their back, chest or by lifting the opponents' legs.


Figure 4: The Opponent in white has successfully thrown his opponent (blue) and has the advantage.

Point pressure techniques have been mystified by modern day media. Most people believe that someone who is versed in point pressure techniques can make someone freeze with the touch of his/her fingers. However point pressure is used to manipulate the opponent into giving up an advantage and capitalizing on this, for example, a Judoka can use the Achilles tendon pinch on an opponent destabilizing them and throwing them onto the floor to win the bout.

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